Le Petit Chef tea sandwiches




as entrees or side dishes
(as entrees pastas range between $6-$10 per person)

“les pennes aux petites asperges”
(Penne pasta in a light cream sauce with prosciuto & asparagus)

“pasta from barcelona
(Spaghetti with smoked vegetables & capers in an anchovy sauce)

“les linguinis de la cote basque”
(Linguini with prosciuto, fresh herbs, tomato, mushrooms & cream)

“spaghettini nikita”

(Spaghetti pasta with vegetables in a pepper vodka sauce)

les pennes de st. tropez”
(Penne pasta with currents & pine nuts in a fennel sauce)

“feuttucini au musacdet”
(Feuttucini with caramelized onions, white wine, cream & fresh herbs)

“fusilli ratatouille de poivrons de mais”

(Fusilli pasta with sausage, corn & onions in a red pepper sauce)

“ziti basilica au pistou”
(Ziti pasta with grilled eggplant, fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella & basil)

“feuttucini gorgonzola aux petites asperges”

(Fettuccini pasta with Gorgonzola cheese and smoked asparagus)

“les pennes d’avignon”

(Penne pasta with artichokes, mushrooms, roasted red peppers & Parmesan cheese)

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